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Expert Heating Services in Fresno, Ca

We have experienced many homeowners throughout the years not see the value in having regular furnace maintenance and tune-ups because there weren't any issues with their heating system at the time.  When the Winter season came around and they realized that it wasn't performing like it used to, it was only then that they knew if only I had Fresno Heating and Cooling come out at least once a year, it could have saved me money and comfort.  Your HVAC system is easily overlooked because it works without you having to even lift a finger.  Due to the mechanical nature, similar to your car, it is important to maintain your HVAC system to extend the life and efficiency of your comfort.  Call us today to schedule your furnace tune-up today!

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Why Preventative Furnace Maintenance Is Essential 

  • Improved Energy Efficiency:

    • Regular maintenance ensures your furnace operates at peak efficiency, reducing energy consumption and lowering utility bills.

  • Extended Lifespan:

    • Routine care helps prevent major issues and extends the life of your furnace, protecting your investment.

  • Enhanced Comfort:

    • A well-maintained furnace provides consistent and reliable heating, keeping your home comfortable all winter long.

  • Reduced Repair Costs:

    • Early detection of potential problems through regular inspections can prevent costly repairs down the line.

  • Better Indoor Air Quality:

    • Clean filters and components improve air quality, reducing allergens and pollutants in your home.

  • Increased Safety:

    • Regular inspections help identify and address safety hazards, such as gas leaks or carbon monoxide emissions.

Furnace repair service

What to Expect From Fresno Heating And Cooling

We will perform a multi-point inspection on your furnace which includes your major components such as the burners, heat exchangers, and blower motor to make sure they are performing like they should be.  Safety is a focus of ours so any electrical connections will be checked to prevent and potential hazards.  Filters should be regularly replaced throughout the year to maintain good indoor air quality for your household.  Lubrication of moving parts in order to reduce wear and tear to maximize the life of your heater while reducing any unnecessary noise.  Duct inspection contributes greatly to your HVAC system preventing loss of energy and comfort as well as carbon monoxide testing further safeguarding you from any hazardous emissions.  Whether you have a heat pump system, ductless, or split system that has a ac and furnace, give Fresno heating and Cooling a call to tune-up your furnace to maximize the life of your comfort.  We bring the customer care you expect at an affordable price so that you can get back to worrying about the important things in life. ​

Fresno Heating and Cooling 5 star service
Fresno Heating and Cooling is by far the best home improvement project I've ever done! Every personnel was a pleasure to talk to, from owner, sales rep and installer. Extremely friendly and informative, the entire team was a pleasure to work with. The crew was extremely professional and worked hard, and cleaned after themselves. Not only did they do my house, they did my elder inlaws house. My mother in law felt comfortble and was satified with the work the crew did. Fresno Heating and Cooling was able to get me a great price, and really went out of their way to help me through the process. My home had an instant burst of fresh air from the moment they walked in.

Huge THANKS to the entire team at Fresno Heating and Cooling
Gerardo "G" Garcia

Call Fresno Heating And Cooling for All Your HVAC Needs!

Regular preventative maintenance from Fresno Heating and Cooling keeps your furnace running efficiently, extends its lifespan, and ensures your home stays warm and comfortable. Our expert technicians provide thorough inspections, cleaning, adjustments, and safety checks to keep your system in top condition. Schedule your furnace maintenance with us today and enjoy peace of mind knowing your heating system is ready for the winter season.

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