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Our STory

 In 2009, Jose got a feel for the HVAC industry while working at Foster Farms. While at Foster Farms he worked his way up to becoming a Refrigeration Technician where he also did residential HVAC services "side work''' for friends and family on his days off. It is then that Jose got his business license to do, HVAC for more than just friends and family but that wasn't enough for him. 
Jose eventually ventured into the HVAC field full-time as a Service Technician for some of the most reputable companies here in Fresno, CA. In 2017, Jose convinced his Wife Stephanie to leave her management position in the dental field to join him full-time in HVAC.
Steph was extremely skeptical due to her lack of knowledge but went all in with Jose and in just a few short months of working together side by side they had a vision and it was very clear to them all that would be needed to bring that vision and dream to life with 100% dedication, sacrifice, expenses, and teamwork from them both. Time went on with Jose working as a Service-Tech but in 20211 he decided it was his tum to go all in. 
He obtained his Contractors license (C20), left his career at Leprino Foods, Steph left her position with Central Unified and it was then that Fresno Heating And Cooling was alive and kicking full-time!

Fresno heating and cooling owners

Contact us at (559) 720-0479 or (559) 761-4527 (espanol)

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